Howl - A Werewolf Comic

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Howl is the story of the last man living in a world where a mysterious pandemic has transformed everyone else into werewolves. Most days, everything seems normal, people go to work, school, they come home and eat dinner, but every full moon society is upended.

Jack Lowe is just a regular guy, a high school history teacher and a husband. Only his wife Rebecca shares his secret, that somehow Jack has found himself immune to lycanthropy and together they insure that his secret stays safe.

Howl is written by Ryan Davidson and Eastin Deverna and drawn by Dan Buksa. After an incredibly successful Kickstarter, we are happy to now make Howl available online for the first time since the Kickstarter's conclusion. Issues one and two are available now in both print and digital. Issue three is currently in production with funds raised from the Kickstarter campaign.


"Howl presents such a crazy yet simple setup. It's a wonder no one has done this before... It takes these monsters out of the minority for once and puts them in a real position of power. Jack is put in life-threatening danger every single month and that's just how he has to live his life. That makes for some pretty interesting possibilities and I'm looking forward to how the creative team explores them in the rest of the series."

"Smart, funny, and just adult enough."

"Howl is a fresh take on an old story."

"...this isn’t another post-apocalyptic world of grey misery you have to trudge through; our dude’s a history teacher at a school full of normal-seeming teenagers (who are monsters to begin with, lycanthropy or no)."








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